“Bijan has demonstrated a formula for success that I will continue to utilize to allow my business to achieve its potential through our most valuable asset, our people.”
Bill McKean, Motorola

“I would recommend your organization highly to any employer willing to develop and improve their leadership and working environment.”
Joe Higdon, Higdon & Higdon

“This is a very powerful message.”
Sharon Wilkes, IBM

“I feel that the Bijan training has improved the efficiency of our line by helping us to better understand the feelings and concerns of our fellow employees. I would highly recommend this training for others.”
James Fisher, Advanced Energy

“I just wanted to express my appreciation for your contribution to my sales staff, all of whom were very impressed by your presentation. You inspirational speech has given me a new and improved outlook on some deep and heartfelt dislikes. It has meant more that you may know.”
David Stein, Roger Beasley Volvo

“A bunch of individuals walked into [this class] and a team of souls walked out.”
Mark Bartholomew, Motorola BAT-1

“I was very impressed. The delivery of this class was the best.”
Larry Robertson, IBM ECAT Manufacturing

“Thank you for leading us through a successful executive retreat on Saturday. You are an excellent facilitator and we all enjoyed the outing.”
Tom Schurr, Red Lion Hotel

“[The course] is a great benefit. The lessons offered are numerous and necessary to anyone who deals with other people.”
Jess Smith, Motorola BAT-1

“[Bijan] made me look at leadership as a nurturing and developmental cycle.”
Christine James, Lotus

“[Bijan’s training] is a fantastic opportunity for anyone, regardless of their position in a company. The benefits will be enormous, and your confidence will triple. I would recommend this class to anyone without any reservations.”
Melissa M. McGuire, Motorola

“This course has helped me become a more effective leader. It made me look at the way I lead and I have changed some of my own ways of leadership.”
Eric Bacchi, Advanced Energy

“[Bijan] gave the lessons in life we take for granted. It gave me the confidence to go after my goals. It is a must for every employee. [Bijan] has the ability to reach people and uncover each person’s natural resources.”
Javier Sanchez, Motorola ATDC

“Bijan is a very enthusiastic instructor. [He used] good examples on how to incorporate these principles in every day life. [I] enjoyed the hands-on exercises to reinforce the concepts presented.”
Jessica Kelley, IBM

“[Bijan] helped me to realize that I have more to contribute to this company than I was previously aware of.”
Nathan Mathews, Motorola MOS-3

“[I have learned] I am a self-motivated, energetic and important member of a great team and I no longer need the constant reassurance that this is true.”
Mary Davis, Motorola MOS-8

“[Bijan] makes people realize their worth in an organization [and] gives them more self-confidence.”
Jan Swenson, Motorola BAT-1

“I learned so much that this small space is inadequate to describe [it]. The bottom line is your class helped make me a better person.”
Paul S. Lopez, Motorola MOS-11

“[Bijan is] an excellent instructor and I will cherish what [he has] shownme about life.”
Shironda Meekins, White Oak Semiconductor

“[Bijan’s instruction] has really opened my eyes to techniques of reaching people and has given me the confidence to speak in front of others.”
Jim Duzan, White Oak Semiconductor

“[Because of Bijan] I am becoming a better son, father, and husband. I feel motivated to go to work because I have better relationships at home.”
Saifuddin Dosen, Motorola MOS-3