Bijan Afkami – a Dynamic Motivational Speaker

Bijan Afkami

Bijan Afkami

Bijan Afkami – author, entrepreneur, businessman, and training consultant – is also a dynamic and entertaining public speaker. With wit, wisdom, and contagious enthusiasm, Bijan has the ability to move his audiences to action as he imparts practical information and insights gleaned from his colorful personal history.

From firsthand experience, Bijan knows the significance of overcoming difficult obstacles. Born and raised in Iran, Bijan came to the United States in 1977 in pursuit of the American Dream. As a student at Southwest Texas State University, he worked as a delivery driver for a pizza restaurant until he financed the purchase of the restaurant by assuming its debts. Bijan managed not only to pay off the debts, but he also increased business by 700% in just one year. By age 27 he had acquired several successful businesses and substantial real estate holdings.

As the 1980’s drew to a close, the Austin real estate market turned down sharply, and Bijan, along with many others, suffered widespread financial losses. Forced into bankruptcy and foreclosure of his home, Bijan was challenged but undaunted. He put himself back on the road to financial and personal success by creating Bijan International, a consulting and training firm that specializes in the transformation of individuals, teams, and organizations into the ideal vision of their professional evolution.

Today, Bijan International has become a leading consulting and training firm, helping many organizations, both large and small, as they dramatically enhance their productivity. In 1993, Motorola retained the services of Bijan International and to this date more than 2,000 “Motorolans” have benefited from the training. The Bijan Training Method has also been successfully utilized by correctional institutions throughout the state of Texas.

From Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Dell, and Samsung, to smaller business ventures, Bijan International has motivated executives and employees to discover their potential to transform themselves into highly productive people by taking small but very effective steps, improving just 1% at a time.


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