The 1% Solution


The 1-% Solution is Bijan’s first book in a series with a common sense, no-nonsense approach to leadership skills. It is grounded in reality, gimmick- and jargon-free.

An incremental increase, no matter how small, is still an increase. That’s the idea behind The 1-% Solution. Focus on improving your leadership skills by little steps — even as little as one percent and you’ll already see a change for the better. By learning how to focus on small, attainable improvements you acquire the momentum to move toward your goals. The only way to narrow the gap between where we are and where we would like to be is to take action. There is no substitute.


To offer practical advice and honest examples to enhance and develop leadership skills.


The philosophy behind The 1-% Solution is to direct your focus to small, attainable improvements. By doing so you acquire the momentum to move towards your goals.

Sample Topics

  • Getting started on the path to leadership
  • How to expand your comfort zone
  • The continuing power of positive thinking
  • The fine arts of goal setting and problem solving
  • The role of persistence in success
  • Lessons in effective time management
  • Tips for effective communication


Offers practical, straightforward advice Demonstrates how to take action to improve your personal and professional life Helps the reader learn about previously hidden strengths and talents Teaches the reader how to establish better,deeper, more lasting relationships with others. Order The 1-% Solution: Leadership Through Action.