Today’s fast-paced and competitive business world requires each of us to perform at our highest level. One of the most powerful and effective ways to measure our performance is to receive feedback from our peers. In addition, our role as leaders, whether formal or informal, often calls upon to us give feedback to co-workers. To grow as an individual and continuously improve as a team member, we must be able to receive feedback, as well as skillfully provide feedback to others. However, many people are apprehensive about feedback, either giving it or receiving it, based on some experience in the past. Usually it’s not the feedback that was the problem, but the process used to deliver it.

The POSITIVE POWER OF FEEDBACK is a two-hour workshop that helps each participant master this critical skill and completely shift their mindset about feedback. Highly interactive and designed for maximum impact, this workshop creates incredible improvements in each participant’s ability to give and receive straightforward, constructive feedback.


Each participant will walk away with a strong foundation of skills, as well as the inspiration and self-confidence needed to excel in this important area of human relationships. Key outcomes include:

  • Develop an effective process and establish rules for giving and receiving feedback
  • Remove barriers that inhibit open and honest communication
  • Strengthen teamwork at all levels
  • Enhance ability to foster trust and respect
  • Improve communication skills
  • Learn to focus on positive while still delivering constructive feedback
  • Increase relationship-building skills


In the demanding and increasingly complex work environment, the skill of giving and receiving feedback is emerging as one of the fundamental ingredients for success. Through the The POSITIVE POWER OF FEEDBACK workshop, participants will gain the knowledge and practical tools needed to become effective and truly grow in this area. They will experience first hand how, by focusing on the positive, removing barriers and building trust, the process of giving and receiving feedback can be incredibly rewarding and beneficial for all.