Sexual harassment continues to be a concern among many organizations. Costly litigation, damage to business reputation and losing quality people, even customers, are among the possible negative ramifications of sexual harassment. Moreover, studies have shown that work environments that are comfortable and inclusive for both women and men lead to higher productivity and effectiveness. It is necessary to proactively create these environments by consciously addressing the issue of sexual harassment. Whether your objective is to raise awareness, avoid costly litigation, or promote more effective working relationships between women and men, our SEXUAL HARASSMENT workshop provides the results you seek.


  • Clearly define sexual harassment
  • Help participants understand what sexual harassment is and how it operates in the workplace
  • Provide participants a deeper understanding of sexual harassment’s legal implications, costs and damage to the corporation and individual
  • Examine the myths typically associated with sexual harassment and look at the corresponding realities
  • Explore the impact of sexual harassment on productivity and examine other associated intangible losses
  • Develop an understanding of each individual’s roles and responsibilities
  • Offer practical tools, techniques and strategies for dealing with sexual harassment


The negative effects of sexual harassment in the workplace are far-reaching and long lasting. It is imperative for organizations to aggressively pursue the elimination of all occurrences of harassment. To create a safe, productive and healthy environment for every employee is a must for companies today. By providing the knowledge, skills and tools people need, the SEXUAL HARASSMENT workshop will help achieve this important objective within your organization.