A key ingredient to any organization’s long-term success is their ability to find and to keep clients. Sales representatives are the on the front line of this critical business objective, and therefore require specialized training to increase their effectiveness. The Bijan training workshop, LEADERS IN SALES, teaches salespeople how to develop strong and productive relationships with their clients. Unlike traditional sales training, the Bijan workshop focuses on helping salespeople meet aggressive sales goals by becoming valued as an integral part of the client’s problem-solving team, with the client’s best interests at heart. The emphasis is on building rapport, motivating buying interest, gaining commitment, and working from the position of collaboration, instead of competition.


The highly interactive workshop blends sales principles with actual practice, offering participants immediately useful tools and techniques for:

  • Recognizing the key elements of successful face to face selling
  • Connecting with customers and building rapport
  • Developing credibility and trust
  • Uncovering buying motivations and overcoming objections
  • Aligning their selling style with the customer for more effective sales relationships
  • Creating success through motivation and win-win negotiation
  • Ensuring repeat business and long-term customer loyalty


Ultimately, business success is directly correlated to successful sales. Developing effective sales people, who is anyone interacting with a customer, from pre-sales to follow-up, is critical for creating a thriving and profitable business. The Bijan approach focuses on building relationships, acknowledging the attitudes and concerns of customers, and realigning “traditional” selling skills to create long-term sales strategies for developing loyal customers. This workshop will help sales professionals acquire the edge needed to thrive in a competitive marketplace.