This is a special opportunity for women who want to achieve a higher level of professional success, while creating more balance and harmony in their personal life. The EMPOWERED WOMEN series invites women who want to reawaken their passion, shatter the glass ceiling and create more balance in their lives. Our objective is to create a positive impact on your life through an inspirational experience that offers insights, tools, and motivation


  • You will learn how to become an inspirational leader and gain enthusiastic cooperation from others.
  • You will clearly identify your path forward, reconnect with the passion that brought you past successes, and develop additional resources to reach even greater heights.
  • You will improve interpersonal skills, which enhances personal and professional relationships.


Through discussions, simulations, group activities, and learning modules, participants will create results for themselves and vastly improve their personal effectiveness and leadership abilities.

We zero in on four areas:

  1. Inventory – conduct an assessment of where you are today
  2. Ideal Picture – create a vision for where you want to go
  3. Blueprint – construct the approach, 1% Solution
  4. Accountability – carry your vision through to reality