Designed to help individuals look honestly at themselves to identify attitudes and behavior that stand in the way of teamwork. Discovering Diversity ProfileĀ® provides a safe way to explore the complex, powerful issues surrounding diversity.

Profile results help employees explore diversity in the following key areas:

  • Knowledge: Discover what they actually know about differences by looking at stereotypes and at the source of their knowledge or information.
  • Understanding: Determine their level of awareness and explore their willingness to put themselves in a position to feel what others may be feeling.
  • Acceptance: Examine their patience and regard for respecting different beliefs and behaviors.
  • Behavior: Assess how they act out their attitudes toward others, their flexibility and openness in dealing with others, and their self-awareness of patterns of interaction.


At the end of this course, the participants will have:

  • An understanding of how behavior impacts others
  • Limiting the influence of stereotypes
  • Reduction of conflict
  • Seeing diversity as an organizational strength


In this 6-hour workshop, employees and managers will explore the basic concepts of diversity. Participants increase their awareness and sensitivity to the dynamics of diversity and begin to practice skills to help them be more effective in the workplace.