Customer service is a critical ingredient for success in today’s highly competitive business world. Customers demand it. It is crucial to creating long-term customer loyalty. Perceptions about your company are often formed by customer interaction with a few employees. Each of these interactions can directly affect your reputation in the marketplace. Superior service must be a top priority for any business concerned with lasting success. The Bijan International CUSTOMER SERVICE workshop will improve customer service by providing participants with the skills, attitudes and values necessary for excellent customer service.


The key benefits of our comprehensive CUSTOMER SERVICE workshop are:

  • Understanding the meaning, value, and behavior of Customer Service as it relates to the individual, organization and company
  • Clearly defining the customer and customer service
  • Establishing a new level of commitment to providing extraordinary customer service
  • Developing a system of recognition and reward for fellow employees who incorporate customer service behaviors into their daily lives
  • Understanding the link between customer service and profitability
  • Developing the art of negotiation to achieve positive outcomes
  • Mastering communication skills needed to diffuse problems that arise in customer service
  • Taking the positive initiative in every customer service transaction


Outstanding customer service goes way beyond creating a satisfied customer to creating a loyal customer. Every individual in your organization can make this happen with every interaction with your clients. The CUSTOMER SERVICE workshop positions your employees to please, and even delight, your customers, creating a strong relationship to guarantee their repeat business.