Today’s fast-paced, rapidly changing business environment requires organizations to maximize the full potential of their most important resource – their people. Every business advances or constricts in direct proportion to the empowered initiative of its employees. Bijan International’s workshops have a positive impact on a business by advancing the personal initiative and skill levels of team members. Individuals become more accountable, assertive and innovative. Their thinking, decision making, and interactions become thoughtfully responsive rather than automatic and defensive. Invariably, employees display an increased understanding of, respect for, and empathy with coworkers and managers. Consequently, loyalty, teamwork, and individual productivity increase measurably. These traits are passionately pursued by successful organizations.

At Bijan International, our expertise is in lubricating the human interaction. Each workshop is highly experiential, engaging the active participation of every member through exercises, speaking, role-playing and simulations. An environment of high-energy, excitement and fun increases the learning and growth process. Facilitation by our skilled instructors enhances learning through immediate feedback and coaching to encourage a deeper, practical application of the principles presented. Concepts are developed and presented in a specific, carefully designed sequence to produce maximum personal and professional growth.

Each of our seminars and workshops can be custom designed to meet our clients needs. The programs can range in length from one hour to two and a half days, depending on the specific outcomes required. Groups sizes from 15 to 45 participants are ideal. Workshops are typically conducted at the client’s site. Please contact us for scheduling.