Quality Leadership Requires Quality Training
Successful professionals are always looking for new ways to be more effective. The Bijan Leadership Program is the “final ingredient” for creating long-term success, taking incremental but effective steps, 1% at a time. This unique program empowers both individuals and teams that have a strong desire to tap into their full potential and create dramatic improvements in their Personal Effectiveness, Teamwork Skills, and Leadership Abilities.

Personal Effectiveness
The Bijan Leadership Program is a 9-week program that provides dynamic tools and skills designed to instill a deep level of commitment and motivation. Participants are strongly challenged to venture outside their personal comfort zones. Then, with each passing week, they discover greater flexibility, increased self-confidence, enhanced interpersonal abilities, strengthened goal-setting skills, and a more positive attitude towards change.

Teamwork Skills
In training groups of 25 to 35 people, participants experience what it feels like to be part of a high-performance team. Each session is highly interactive and fun, engaging the active participation of every member through exercises, role-playing, and simulations. This environment of high energy enhances the learning process. As barriers are minimized, morale is improved, communication skills are strengthened, and the team synergy transforms from competition to collaboration.

Leadership Abilities
A good leader understands how to motivate a team, both as individuals and as a group. But to become an accomplished motivator, a leader must have the opportunity to learn how to hone and sharpen leadership skills into effective abilities. When leaders learn how to gain the trust and respect of others, while giving and receiving feedback, their confidence puts them on a course to long-term success, both at work and at home.

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Quality Training Empowers Leaders, Teams, and People