Executive Coaching Creates a New Breed of Leader

As companies evolve to meet the complex challenges of a global economy in the information age, their workforce leaders need special training to adapt to these new demands. Bijan International’s Executive Coaching empowers corporate leaders with the tools and the confidence they need to be effective within their new areas of responsibility.

Executive Coaching is a performance learning process, delivered primarily in one-on-one sessions. Every coaching experience is specifically designed to serve the individual being coached and the unique circumstances of the sponsoring company.

What kind of executive can benefit from Executive Coaching?

  • An executive whose field is changing
  • An executive who needs to improve motivational skills
  • An executive who wants to improve communication with other team leaders
  • An executive who desires support in facilitating career growth

What can an executive expect to experience with Executive Coaching?

  • Clearly established objectives and goals tailored specifically to the executive’s needs
  • An established plan of action designed to achieve incremental, but highly effective improvements, 1% at a time
  • A solid foundation for growth and development

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Executive Leadership by Effective Steps – 1% at a Time