Bijan International is a consulting and training firm that specializes in assisting individuals, teams, and organizations as they evolve to realize their highest professional standards.

Do you want to be more effective, more productive, and improve performance on all levels? Bijan International helps you focus on a clear view of what you are now. Then, with our unique training methods, we give you the tools and motivation that will take your effectiveness, productivity, and performance to extraordinary new levels. You will become what you want to be.

To accomplish this, we guide you through four essential steps of evaluation and action:

We carefully lay the groundwork for change by refining the ideal picture and then make sure that everyone involved is committed to the same vision of what you want to be.

We help you take stock of your most valuable resources and the elements that have made you a success so far.

How will you go about making a change? Just 1% at a time. We’ll assist you in mapping out a plan by which you will gradually transform until you reach your goal. When you improve just 1%, you’ve already made a difference. When you take many well-planned steps of 1% each, you’ve made a substantial change.

We’ve developed dependable methods that will keep you on track as you carry through with your vision and evolve into what you want to be.
Since 1993, The Bijan Training Method has been transforming many organizations, improving their productivity, and helping them realize and achieve their goals. We have shared our success with Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Dell, and Motorola, but we have also had very effective results with smaller organizations and middle-market companies. We even designed a successful program for correctional institutions throughout Texas.

Contact Bijan International for an assessment of how we can help you create positive changes, achieve your goals, and be what you want to be.

Bijan Can Help You Evolve into Your Professional Ideal